Falling Asleep

I am so tired right now.  I should probably just go to bed, but I want to eat one more meal before I go to bed.  Do you ever have those days when you don't eat as much as you should because you're busy, and then suddenly you realize that it's late and you haven't eaten enough and you're ready for bed but you stay up to make some food?  That's what I'm doing right now.  I've got some food in the oven right now that is warming up and as soon as I eat it I'm going to bed.  I know they say you shouldn't eat right before bed, so I try not to do it too often.


So like I said, I was really busy today.  I spent like 3 hours cleaning my entire place.  I mopped, swept, vacuumed, dusted, and scrubbed.  My floors were dirtier than I thought, but it's been a few months since I've cleaned so I guess that makes sense.  You know how you start to sweep and you think you got it all up but you keep finding more dust and stuff?  That was me today.


After that I spend some time online looking for cheap auto insurance.  My rates went up when I bought a new car recently so I'm kind of looking for a way to offset the cost or find someone else who can get me better rates.  You see car insurance commercials on TV all the time but I never really pay attention to them.  I checked out a few of their sites but it's also an issue of finding a place that has good reviews.  It seems some places have really good prices but their service is horrible.  I want to make sure I get treated well wherever I go.  Maybe I'll even get that cute girl from the commercials to be my agent.  Haha!


In addition to all of that, I also did a few loads of laundry.  There is a washer and dryer in my unit, which is super cool, so I don't have to go anywhere to wash my clothes.  I did two loads of clothes today and then also washed my sheets and linens and things.  That wasn't really too bad, but putting the sheets and stuff back on my bed is kind of pain because I have a platform bed and it's hard to get them around the corners by myself.  I usually have to get my girlfriend to help me with it.  Maybe I just don't have the right technique.